Renewable resources

The company OKTE, as performs the organization and settlement of support for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and the production of electricity by highly efficient combined production on the basis of Act no. 251/2012 Coll. on Energy and on Amendments to Certain Acts as Amended ( Energy Act ), Act no. 309/2009 Coll. on the support of renewable energy sources and highly efficient cogeneration and on the amendment of certain acts as amended ( Act on the Support of Renewable Energy Sources ), Act no. 250/2012 Coll. on Regulation in Network Industries, as amended ( Act on Regulation), Decree of the Office for Regulation of Network Industries no. 24/2013 Coll., Which lays down the rules for the functioning of the internal electricity market and the rules for the functioning of the internal gas market, as amended ( Market Rules ) and the Operating Rules of OKTE, as ( Operating Rules ). The said business activity of the company is regulated and is subject to price regulation by the Office for the Regulation of Network Industries.


In connection with the said change, the "FAQ" section offers the electricity producers concerned a summary of basic information on the application of support through electricity purchases, surcharges and surcharges for 2020.

It also contains information on the forms of support that OKTE has been providing since 2020, ie. Information on support in the form of a supplement, surcharge and on the administration of support by purchasing electricity with the assumption of responsibility for the deviation.

This section does not contain information on other forms of support that OKTE will not provide (connection, access to the system, transmission, distribution).