Change of service provider for the day-ahead electricity market

OKTE, a.s. informs about the change of the service provider of the day-ahead market coupling services from EPEX SPOT to OPCOM S.A that took place on 19 November 2020.

OKTE, a.s. has decided to take this step with the intention of increasing the quality of internal processes and with relation to the preparation for the Interim Coupling and Core FB MC projects. The change of the service provider was performed as planned, without any impact on the Slovak market participants.

The day-ahead market coupling services include, but are not limited to, everyday processing of the market input data, as well as the calculation of market coupling results for the Slovak bidding area and the cross-border flows.

OPCOM S.A. has been acting as Romanian electricity market administrator for 20 years. It operates trading platforms for spot and forward products for electricity and natural gas, as well as environmental certificates. Since 2014 it has been part of the 4M Market Coupling (CZ, SK, HU and RO) and as of 2017, it has become the co-owner and coordinator/operator of the day-ahead market coupling solution.

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