About company

Business Name: OKTE, a.s.
Seat: Mlynské nivy 48, 821 09 Bratislava
Commercial Register Number: 45 687 862
VAT Number: SK2023089728
Legal Form: joint-stock company
Registered: in Business register of the District court Bratislava I, section Sa, insert No 5087/B

Short-term electricity Market Operator - OKTE, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as the "OKTE, a.s.") started performing its activities as from 1 January 2011. OKTE, a.s. was established as a subsidiary of Transmission System Operator (Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a.s.) which is the owner of 100% of its shares. Within electricity market in the Slovak Republic, OKTE, a.s. is classified by the Act on Energy sector as the entity that is subject to regulation by Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI)as well as a licence holder for activities as Short-term electricity Market Operator in the Slovak Republic.

OKTE, a.s. shall treat all electricity market participants on the basis of open, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions when providing services. The scope of activities OKTE, a.s. arises out of international and national legal documents. OKTE, a.s. organize and evaluate the organized Short-term cross-border electricity market and provide clearing of imbalances in the Slovak Republic. Simultaneously OKTE, a.s. is in the process extension of its scope of activities, specially the administration and collection of metered values and central invoicing.

OKTE, a.s. actively cooperates upon execution of its activity within the national cooperation with several state institutions (the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, the Regulatory Office for Network Industries), with the Transmission System Operator in the Slovak Republic, with distribution systems operators as well as other market participants.

Within the international cooperation, from 22nd November, 2011, OKTE, a.s. is a member of the international association of exchanges and market organizers EUROPEX. EUROPEX associates exchanges and market organizers from the European Union countries which provide for trading in electricity, gas or emission quotas. Within the membership in EUROPEX, OKTE, a.s. together with its further members strives for assertion of tasks of energy exchanges and market organizers in the European Union, increase of economic competition by establishment of price transparency, dealing with issues covering establishment of a single European market and communication and cooperation with the institutions within the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity and Gas (ENTSO-E, ENTSO-G) and with the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), etc.


Board of Directors

Michal Cabala
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Milan Lipovský
Member of the Board of Directors

Milan Lodňanek
Member of the Board of Directors


Supervisory Board

František Pecho
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Ján Petrovič
Vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board

Milan Švec
Member of the Supervisory Board


Organizational structure


Certificates ISO

Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013 - Information Security Management System

Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System