Customer access to measurements of smart metering systems

To gain access to measured data from smart metering systems, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a customer of electricity at a given point of consumption.
  • An intelligent measuring system with one of the following functionalities is installed at the collection point:
    • basic,
    • advanced,
    • special.


Procedure for requesting access to smart metering measurements

The data will be made available to you after filling in the online form . Upon registration, you will be required to:

  • EIC of the offtake point - a unique identifier of the offtake point provided to you by the electricity supplier.
  • Proof of connection to the given offtake point - in most cases it can be a contract for the supply of electricity, which you have concluded with your electricity supplier. The scanned copy must be attached to the completed registration form.
  • Validity date of the sampling point with a smart metering system - the date from which the smart metering system is installed at the sampling point.
  • Mobile phone number - when logging into the system, you are required to enter a verification code, which will come to your mobile phone.